Procedures for any Guest presenting with symptoms or being diagnosed with COVID-19 while staying at Torlundy House

First and foremost, NO Guest should present themselves for Check In if they have any of the 3 main symptoms of COVID-19

For general advice and symptoms “Click Here”

Torlundy House does not have the facilities for Guests to self isolate or quarantine. This presents other Guests, your hosts and our business with unacceptable risk.

We follow Scottish and UK Government Guidelines. Guest developing symptoms or testing positive while staying with us are expected to adhere to them.

Torlundy House is not a Quarantine establishment. Quarantining must be carried out in isolation from other persons in a designated place or a private self contained house. Any person arriving expecting to Quarantine will be denied entry.

For further COVID Safety information please visit this page – Torlundy House COVID Safety Information


If a Guest develops symptoms of COVID-19 while staying –

  • What if you present with COVID-19 symptoms? You will be required to Check out immediately and return home to self-isolate. Refunds will be made for unused parts of your reservation
  • What if you fall ill with potential COVID-19 and feels too ill to drive or be unable to return home? You will be provided with details of who to contact notify and establish if a test is required
  • Should your results return negative you can check out (just paying for any part of their reservation used). Our precautionary preference will be for you to return home as you may still have COVID-19
  • A positive test and inability to return home will mean the procedures below will be followed
  • If you develop symptoms while resident at Torlundy House you or we will contact NHS Inform . Or telephone 0800 028 2816. If required you will be asked to attend for testing
  • You  will be advised how you must proceed while waiting for test results. However unless unable to drive we would expect you to travel home immediately
  • If no test is required you will be expected to Check Out immediately and any unused part of your reservation will be refunded – you may still have COVID-19


In the unlikely event you are instructed to isolate at Torlundy House the following steps will be adhered to –

  • You will remain in your room until test results are returned
  • We will provide breakfast in your room
  • You will be responsible for all other meals, making use of local delivery services
  • If clean linen and towels are required they will provided along with strict instructions for the removal of soiled linen
  • Daily additional supplies of tea, coffee etc. will be provided
  • No visitors except health professionals will visit you
  • Any contact with staff will be by text or telephone call, we will not have any face to face contact with you
  • You will be charged the normal daily rate for the room for all days beyond your original reservation
  • We must be advised when you are ready to Check Out. We will need to clear public areas and then clean and sanitise after your departure

If your test returns positive the following steps must be adhered to –

  • You must Check Out and return home to isolate
  • If this is not possible you must discuss with the Test & Protect Team You may be signposted to the National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000 for help isolating
  • Further discussion with the Health Protection Team and/or Local Authority will be required to find a safe place to isolate if you cannot return home
  • Staying at Torlundy House is not an option

The safety of all Guests, staff and ourselves is paramount

Our first line of defence for all of us is to keep COVID-19 out of Torlundy House!